What does a Bowen treatment involve?

A Bowen Treatment takes around 30-45 minutes, depending on the needs of the client. Bowen movements are performed through light clothing or directly on the skin. Depending on the condition being treated, clients may need several Bowen sessions for complete resolution of the condition.

The Bowen session initiates a cascade of beneficial changes that unfold over a few days. Aftercare advice will be given to each client, including any transitory reactions. It is important to drink water and go for a walk to enhance the benefits after having a Bowen treatment and avoid heat in the form of a heat pack, hot showers or anything that applies heat consistantly to the skin.

Reactions to treatment may include tiredness, stiffness, detoxification symptoms such as headaches, emotional changes, flu-like symptoms or dream activity. These should not be seen as negative or give any reason to cease treatment. These symptoms indicate that the treatment has successfully initiated the body's complex change process in seeking to restore balance and homeostasis and indicate further treatments are required to achieve the full effects and benefits.

Bowen Therapy as a complementary modality will enhance, not interfere with other medical treatment. However, other manipulative therapies after a Bowen session can undermine the ongoing effectiveness of the Bowen work. Waiting 3 days before other body treatments is therefore recommended. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding medical treatments, please contact us.